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Health & Wellness Coaching


How will health coaching help me?

Health coaching with me is one-on-one and completely personalized support for exactly what you are needing.  As a mom, I bet you have way more on your figurative (and perhaps also literal) plate than feels right.  I am here to partner with you through a self-exploratory journey to a better version of yourself where you are living with joy, ease, and confidence.  Where you feel and look your best.  And where you model instead of just tell what a healthy, balanced life looks like.

You will walk away from our time together each week with big ideas to ponder and most importantly practical tools and resources to apply to your life right now.

What can I expect?

Mindful Eating: so your body can assimilate all the goodness you are giving it

​Meal Planning & Batch Cooking: so you're prepped and set for the week 

​Character Strengths: to apply what you're naturally good at towards reaching your wellness goals

​Fridge/Pantry Organization and Stocking: to have healthy food at your fingertips

​Buying Guides: to take the guess-work out of grocery shopping and to reduce your personal toxic load

​Recipes: so you don't have to come up with every meal idea ​


What else can I expect?

Meditation, Mindfulness & Breathing: to sprinkle throughout your day to ground your nervous system

Cycle Support: targeted approaches for smooth, supported transitions all month long 

​Structuring the Day: so you can prioritize yourself and your non-negotiables 

Awareness Exercises: to get off auto-pilot and into conscious decision making 

Food Guidelines: for nutrient-packed and balanced meals and snacks ​

Resources & Referrals: books, blogs, webinars, podcasts, products and practitioners for extra support

How do I fit coaching into my life?

You might be thinking, "this all sounds lovely, but how can I possibly add something else?"  I hear you.  I really do.  All the excuses start flooding in as to why this can't work right now.  I'm telling you that this is the greatest gift you can give yourself that also benefits your family tremendously.

Imagine knowing that you have 1-hour set aside every other week JUST FOR YOU.  With another 15-minute phone call on the opposite weeks with a loving, dedicated coach checking in on YOU.  You have a wellness expert preparing personalized materials to make your life easier, cheering you on, celebrating your success and helping you navigate challenges.  

You may not have dreamed recently about what's possible for you so i'll ask you now, "With this support, what could be possible for you?"

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What is my commitment?

1-hour virtual or in-person (Boulder area) session every other week

15-minute check-in call on the in-between weeks

Personalized materials each session that can be printed and combined to be your wellness workbook

Thorough session notes after each session

Access to online, discounted, professional-grade supplements

Guidance, support, & resources from a wellness expert (and fellow mom) who truly has your back

$150 (cash, check, Venmo)

*I ask for an initial commitment of 6 sessions (12 weeks)

Please contact me for a free consultation 

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