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Organizing for Wellness

An overall sense of wellness and organization go hand-in-hand

My goal for you is form and function (not perfection) to make your life feel just a little bit easier. I coach you through the process, without judgement, offering support, guidance, and resources along the way....whether it's just all about the stuff or not just about the stuff.

Organizing for Wellness: Projects

When you walk into your home, how do you feel?

Do you feel tight, constricted, anxious and overwhelmed?  If so, I would imagine you'd like to feel light, peaceful, welcomed, and safe instead.

Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed, not capable or like a failure?  If so, I would imagine you'd like to feel confident, capable, able, and proud instead.

playroom after.jpg
playroom before.jpg

How does the condition of your physical space affect other areas of your life?

Physical clutter and disorganization often times coincides with mental clutter and disorganization.  Maybe you have less patience, less time, less care and attention, and less resilience as a result of a messy space.  I know that as a mom you can't afford to have less of those things.  You need your space to support your mommy-ing capabilities and free you up for the things that matter most in in your life.

I can help you and your family thrive!

Combining my background as an early childhood behavior therapist and my coaching expertise I can help you set up your space for the entire family to thrive.

Your space will be beautiful, inviting, and safe.  Your items will have designated spots, and you will only have what you want and need and nothing more.  Your kid/s will navigate their space with independence, autonomy, and confidence.  The entire family will be working together to maintain a well-functioning home so it's not all on YOUR shoulders.

laundry after long.jpg
laundry before.jpg

Organizing your way to a better version of yourself

I specialize in kitchens, entry ways, play spaces, kid's rooms, and closets.  We work together, side-by-side to transform your space into what you've always hoped and dreamed it could be.  Along the way you learn strategies and techniques for maintenance, shed what is no longer serving you, and step into your power!

I always offer a free consultation


3 - hour minimum

10 - hour package ($50 off)

20 - hour package ($100 off)


Create systems for:

cleaning products/equipment
off-season clothing/equipment


Guidance for:

donating items
selling items
repairing items
recycling or re purposing items
handyman services


Incorporate design elements:

room function

furniture arrangement

accent pieces



Organizing accessories:

storage furniture
hooks/hanging storage

Organizing for Wellness: List
Organizing for Wellness: Pro Gallery
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