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A La Carte Services

There are more ways for me to support you!

When you commit to coaching, modified versions of these services can be incorporated into coaching sessions.  I  also offer these services a la carte for those seeking support outside of a coaching partnership.


Kitchen Clean - Out & Stocking (Fridge/Freezer/Pantry)

Start fresh with a cleaned out kitchen.  Together we will get rid of the old, reorganize, and restock.  Going forward you can reduce food waste (so food doesn't get shoved to the back to rot), make grocery list making easier (with my system that allows you to quickly scan for what you need), save time looking for things ("I could have sworn I had more crackers. Do I? Where are they? Maybe I don't....Oh, there they are!"), and promote independence for all family members in the kitchen.  I'm talking about kids and spouses putting groceries away, making their own snacks, and so much more!

3 hours in your home + workbook/resources



Food - Focused Strategy Calls

This time is for you to get customized feedback, ideas, and suggestions about anything related to the food in your life.  It could be about the logistics of getting groceries to your house, sourcing local or high-quality foods, how to use a certain ingredient, school lunch ideas for your kids, or what to make for dinner with the 5 random ingredients you have on hand! Or, you might like to know how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your meals, some new foods to try to get you out of a food rut, snack ideas, healthy swaps, or how to re-purpose ingredients throughout the week (just some ideas). What would make your time in the kitchen a little easier?

45-minute call + follow-up notes 


(Packages available)


Tandem Grocery Shopping

We'll go food shopping together! I'll help you navigate the grocery store, find the best products for your lifestyle, and streamline your shopping experience so you can do it over and over again with ease.  Together we can look at food labels, plan the right balance of food for the week, pick foods that are aligned with your health goals, and have fun exploring new tasty options for you and your family.  You will walk away stocked for the week and with strategies to make grocery shopping easy and enjoyable going forward.

1.5 hours at the store + workbook/resources 


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